Anti-pollution | Hydration | Protection

Our charms bring out the best for the skin. By boosting your skin’s barrier, HARITES guards our skin from what we face every day. 

Protecting. Repairing. Restoring. Maintaining. 

A daily regimen that defends our skin’s barrier by shielding and hydrating it.

Our products use a complex of ingredients developed using biochemistry that work to protect our skin from everyday pollutants, sunlight, and irritants. 

Nourish your skin with HARITES and feel our formulas working like a charm. 

Made in greece

Up to 96% Natural Origin

Eco Conscious

Biodegradable formulas


Under European Regulation animal testing is banned since 2009.

Hero Ingredients

a natural micro-reserve of moisture

The patch Hydrator is a biomimetic 'film' that mimics skin hydration. It combines natural bio-polymers like pullulan, sodium alginate, and hyaluronic acid with moisturizing ingredients like Glycerin, urea, L-serine, and trehalose. This innovative patch acts as a protective film and hydration reserve, gradually releasing its hydrating complex to preserve the skin barrier and restore appearance.

Anti Pollution Active - Breathing Shield

Biosaccharide gum-4 is a biotechnologically derived polysaccharide that forms a protective film on the skin. It acts as a shield against pollution, including UV rays and atmospheric pollutants, reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and cellular toxicity.

By stimulating the skin's natural defense mechanisms, it helps combat the long-term effects of pollution. Additionally, it provides immediate physical protection by acting as a second skin, limiting the penetration of pollutants and minimizing their damage. Biosaccharide gum-4 offers both long-term restructuring of the skin barrier and instant protection against pollution.

Sun-Kissed Citrus Blend

Orange Extract : a dose of antioxidants promoting a brighter complexion.

Lemon Extract : reduces oiliness and minimizes pores

Cretan Prickly Pear Extract : extract that hydrates, soothes,and helps skin-renewal.

Active Water Sweet Bitter Orange Bio Cosmos: certified bio cosmos sweet bitter orange water that refreshes, tones, hydrates and balances pH.